Tuesday, January 6, 2009

X and Y story

It has been ages since I have thought of writing a blog and it has been months since I really started pecking into the keyboard when the the browser was directed to blogger.com. However, I didn't know what to write .

So abandoned the idea until I came across this news. somebody was hurt –or may be you can also call it disappointed. What ever, as lord Buddha said, we control our own fate. i wonder whether we can blend the fate and drink it. just like how Tom Dickson made a drink out of Cochicken

(Coke + Chicken = Cochicken)

Let us call them X and Y

So this X and Y lived and schooled in the same district although they were born in two districts that were set apart by hills and lakes and paddy fields and mpore. How ever, fate brought them together in Aprial 2004 thank to a techer who loves them both and thinks that they were the best students that he ever had(mmm on second thoughts, I thinks it is better to include that his idea may have been changed by now cz it had been along time since they last visited him)

that is enough for today...

so how do I knw this X and Y?

Simple, both of them are my friends, in fcat one of them was(is)my bestest friend. Now if you think you can guess who I am talking about, you are areal paparazzi because im going to write about the things which were hardly heard or seen anybody(well except me: the bestest fnd of one of them)

so, who evr my bestetst fnd is X( or may be Y) told me everything which made me start blogging

one thing befor I conclude for today

“These writings, in certain instances, project Unreal people as Real people; and also Real people as Unreal people. References include Real people; for if not, biography is imposiible and utterly useless”

merci beaucoup VKP for the quotation from Their Autopsy (page iv)

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