Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music is just a click away- part1

These posts are to tell you about two on line music players that I have been using for some time.

My first on line music player was Musicovery. It is a player based on your mood. For example, if you want calm music, you can select calm and the player will search for soothing music to play for you.If you want to dance, select the dancing mood you are in!!

If you are in a mood in between calm and positive, you can click in between calm and positive.

How ever, if you do not want to hear calming music that comes under classical music category you can simply do it by leaving the check box in front of classical blank.If you want to listen to latest music only, then you can set the time period. cool, isn't it?

There are four modes;Discovery, hits ,play my favorite universes, play my favorite artists and play my favorites.

Discovery plays all the music that are listed under the mood that you select. you can guess on the other right? And also note the way musicovery tells me that the song being played is "pop" and it was composed in 2002

One shortcoming of this player is that you cannot decide on the musician. The player selects songs according to your mood.Thus, I think this is a good player for those who like to find new musicians to suit your taste. For example, I came across some amazing french Musicians through Musicovery.

However, if you really hate a song that is played, you can click on "never play button" and it will
never be played again.On the other hand,if you click on the "heart", it will be added into your favorites.

Playing the favorites as a play list is not possible until you get a paid membership. How ever you can easily find and play and edit the banned song list and the favorite song list from the menu. If you want to buy the album, links to Amazon, iTunes and EBay too are included.

The best part is the User interface. I know you will love it. Here is a screen shot.

If you believe it or not, this is the play will start to play from one end of the line that goes all over the screen and when it comes to the end, you can select a new mood.and also,you can always skip songs, (but it has a limit, say, not more than 10 times.)

price:::: the best price in the world--free(but if you want more facilities you can always pay and have them)

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  1. Well, as I think Deeps has said it all regarding how you can get through to your favorite kind of music, I will just introduce you to a new music band that I find very much engaging.

    Ok, now first of all, this recommendation is for people who go for classical/opera/pop music. In other words, for W.D Amaradeva/Celine Dion/Enya/West Life/Beethovan/Mozart/Bach types. So you other guys need not worry about reading the rest of this.

    The name of the band is "IL Divo"(meaning the "divine male performer")and it started in 2005. They sing mostly in Spanish and Italian, but also in French and English. After a couple of years, they became so famous in Europe that they were requested to do the 2006 FIFA World Cup song along with Toni Braxton.

    If you are for a refreshing change in new languages, go for it!! I know you'll love 'em!!!