Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music is just a click away- part 2

The second one is Sings Box. It is still in beta version, However, it has the ability to catch the teen mind.(you can search for Hindi Music too)

Suppose you searched for "Enya".

Then you will come across a page where you have the ability to listen, add the song to your play list or to get the embedded code to be put in your website or blog (not to mention, you can report the broken links too).

If you click on play, the song will be played in a pop up window like this. It would be useful if you are looking for a particular song. If you want to listen to an album, it would would be a totally mess this way (you have to open 16 pop up windows if the album has 16 songs).

Do not worry, they have found a solution for that. You can log in and add the songs to a play list where you can nicely let it play and do your work.

This player is not eye catching as Musicovery. however,it is simple and plain enough to catch the attention of a any music lover. after all, this too is for free

Third one is not really a music player but a website for a band called LODGER (made out of human skeletons scary ha?). There is nothing special but it is funny to click on them and see how they react. have a look!!

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