Friday, January 23, 2009

After effects of removing the SemiAntiVirus.vbs my way

I still did not encounter any problems except this error message at the start up. The file missing is the Virus file which I deleted this way. I do not understand how to fix this. Please help

And the Internet explorer looks like this. The title is changed into LRI Internet Explorer and the Home page is changed into about.blank. keep it touch, answers to all these problems will be in the blog soon PS: I Found out how to fix these two errors. If you are interested in click here


  1. Hi , this could be a reference to the virus in your start up. Here are some guidelines

    Go to start->Run-> and type msconfig and check whether references to the virus are there. Please see this link for more information. Be careful not to remove essential programs. I dont think that virus will be here. But please check. If you are unsure of any program dont remove it.

    Most probably the culprit might be at your registry. Go to start->Run->type regedit. (This is windows registry editor)

    Read this for more information. Be extra cautious when playing with registry and dont delete anything you are not sure about. Better if you can back up the registry. However if you can find and delete this value no harm.

    If you need any remote help install teamviewer and give me a buzz. Teamviewer is a remote support tool and i will be able to work on your computer using it.

    Hope this solves the annoying popup. :)

  2. yes ayya. that was the reason SemiAntiVirus.vbs was running inside userinit.exe.

    i'll write how I did that soon in a nwe post
    thanks for the hint!!

  3. Hey, I've completely cleaned my computer of the FAantivirus, and i've deleted the virus from my USB drive as well. When i try to open the USB drive now, though, I get that same message:

    Can not find script file "G:\FAantivirus.vbs"

    Is there any way to stop this message without entirely reformatting the drive? I need to save the files stored on it!