Friday, December 19, 2008

Went to Watch a Movie

i wanted to watch "machan" but ended up watching "Rabne Bana Di Jodi". I still dont know what the hell this title means. how ever, i enjoyed the movie and and well guys, it is a movie that you should never miss. i hate Hindi Movies but i lOved this from the begining to the end. if you love to find out more try the official website for the film. the site is great but takes a lot of time to download(SLT Dial Up users never even think of visiting it..plzz for Gods sake). ok, that is enough, im not going to write about the content of the film because then, the blog becomes a movie review.

well, keep the movie aside. there was another story which made me visit Liberty Cinema again when a new film release takes place. it is a place for you to meet all the hot chicks in colombo 7 dressed up like barbie dolls, their boy friends in unearthly costumes, all rich families.

it was a very different world for me and to tel the truth i hate all those show pieces. why the hell people have to wear loads of make up to come to a film hall?? why do girls straight their hair? well all these are merely to show off that they look good. but for me, looking good means another thing. wearing something simple, beautiful that covers the whole of ur body is what i call beautiful. it was what mu mother told me and it was what the sri lankans were thinking befor the advent of the suddas into our lives. mmmm...ghirls think again brfore you buy a dress next time

and the couple who sat next to me was showed what these colombo pple means by being in love...they were probably fighting i suppose. the guy came late and i thnk the girl was pissed off. the boy went out. the girl was in the 4n for about 15 minutes..probably "braeking flowers" as this particular fnd of my bro would say. and the boy was back in the hall again. this episode continued throughh out the film..mmmm good experience. never sit next to a couple in a movie..

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