Thursday, January 15, 2009

Analyze the anatomy of your enemy's web site

This is about a site which can analyze any website that you want to. Just enter the web site you want to analyze and hit enter. If you entered my blog address, you might end up with something like this.

I think the tool is quite useful for people who are interested in web designing.

And on the other hand, if people start to use the site's technology for unethical purposes, it would be a curse for the whole world too!!

If you feel like interested, click here to visit the site.


  1. I don't find anything useful here. Getting these kind of information about a site is not a big deal. If it were my enemy's site, I would prefer security vulnurabilities rather than these general obvious information.
    If it could find information such as the site's database type/ technologies, those information worth 22k gold. :D

    Try [Sampath Bank] on They don't give/ have information. But, anybody can see in HTTP headers that Sampath Bank is using the Netscape Enterprise Server. :)

    And also, it looks like they don't like to talk about security certificates. :D

    I just wrote what I felt about that site. Anyway, keep writing this kind of stuff, and encourage others. :)

  2. hey, big brother, you just gave me a good piece of advice regarding publishing. thanks a lot!!

    Yes it doesn't give any information about the security systems. At the time I came across the site felt like writing about it and I wrote without thinking twice. that was the first time I came across such a thing and it was a bid deal for me( I am a newbie on this you know).

    Then only I saw the loop holes. No worries, you have already talked about them.

    Any way, a good lesson for me. Think twice and write after experiencing the stuff myself.

    Big thank you bro!!

    Keep on commenting like this. Then only I can learn.

  3. As Sha is telling , this is not providing that much of information. However this is a good tool for a beginner. If you are using Firefox you could install firebug plugin to find more details about a site. There are many SEO tools which could analyze the site contents and provide statistics on google page rank (what sort of a rank google would give for your site) and various other details. These could be useful for deeps. Anywz appriciate the writing of Deeps , without just using the web site she has shared her knowledge. Appreciate that.

  4. @sadeepa
    thks ayya for the pluggin info. But at the moment little busy with Uni work.I will surely try it later.