Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modem hunting in Senkadagala

I think I don't have to explain what is a modem. Any way, if even one of you dont knw what is a modem and what does it do, click here to find out.

So now all of you know what is a modem and how important it is. Let the hunting begin......arm yourselves with bows and arrows and off we go modem hunting in Kandy city

I was looking for a adsl modem because I have applied for a adsl connection from SLT . Teleshop people said that they also sell a modem.since I don't believe them much, had to look around the city.

Kandy shops basically have only one brand : US robotics. but this US thing doesn't have a router as the shop dealers said. So I opted for a Linksys AM300 one (available only in Neat Technologies in D.S. Senanayake Vidiya). It was expensive than the US Robotics and apparently it was powerful as the specifications showed. Lynksis also had a link with Cisco. so i was sure the modem would be of great quality as Cicso is listed as the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet.

now, the modem is at home and no body knew how to set up the modem cz it had some advanced set of blanks to fill in the set up page. Had to call SLT several times to get the settings and finally I caught an engineer guy from the techno dept to solve the problem.

Set up done, I let some torrents download. Guys it was a real mystery. The modem would restart after each 30 minutes. And guess what if you spill a drop of water into the modem at the point it restarts it would would vaporize in seconds. My genius bro found a solution for that.

This is the solution:

Step 1: take a cooling fan off the system unit

step 2: keep it on the Modem for absorbing the extra heat

you think it is enough?? nope

here we go the step3. You should keep the modem on a stand like this to make sure that the air passes through the space between the bottom surface of the modem and the computer table. Earlier my modem was proudly standing on two pens laid parrel to two opposite edges of the modem but it proved to be dangerous. so guys this is the best and the safest option.

The heating problem thus solved with the help of a fan taken out from the system unit, I thought it was all and let U torrent do some downloading.

mmm i was wrong again...when the number of connections go high, the modem would stop all the connections. Believe me, it is terrible when you have to look into the monitor whetre the network is ok or not. and above all,this nices modem knows so many tricks that it wont re estblish the connection even after restarting the modem. It is so adamannt than you can imagine.

I have to turn off the computer, turn off the UPS and let some time pass before pushing the power button again to start the connection...mmmm terrible for a modem ha??

now I regert for choosing the best.. I should have bought Us Robotics or either the one offered by the SLT it self.

Above all Kandy sucks with regard to computer shops


  1. The problem is with it's processor.whether it's cool or hot it will fail @ 200 simultaneous connections.
    Apart from too many connections,this is a reliable modem for a normal user.with it's advanced features & flexibility I'm in TOTAL CONTROL.