Thursday, January 8, 2009

Add a "Share this" button after each of your posts at blogger

"Share this" button allows your blog contents to be shared across the social networking sites, emailed or book marked.

It is simple but there are many web sites that would mislead you. In fact i was misled for two days. Finally i found my own way of adding Share this button to the end of each post.


step1: go to share this web page

step2: pick your platform as "Share This Blogger Platform"

step3: customize the widget as you wish

step4: click "Get Share This Code" button

step5: Sign In/Sign Up at the website

step6: click "Add to Blogger" button

step7: on the "Add Page Element" page click on the "Edit Content" link

step8: move the cursor to the end of the code where the script tag ends and hi
ghlight upwards until you come to the beginning of the script tag(there are two script tags in the code, you have to copy the code inside the second tag) see the highlighted code in the screen shot

and copy the highlighted code

step9: after typing in the blog post, go to "Edit Html" link next to the "Compose" link

step10: paste the code that you copied in step 8 at the end of the post

that's all. if you have problems, leave a comment

next, publish the post and you'll see a share this button similar to the one you see just below this line

Happy Sharing!!


  1. this doesnt work anymore..this clashes with feed burner. if you are using feed burner, dnt use this method