Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the students who have just done O/L and for big people who have just completed the A/L

mm well this post is meant to the guys and girls who have done or hope to do A/L Arts in Kadda(or as many people know, languages)

people who hope to do languages pls read the admission hand book issued by the University Grants commision before selecting the subjects

and for pple who have got good results, think before you apply for the university. for the languages pple, mainly there are 4 unis. Pera, kalaniya, Colombo and Sabaragamuwa. let me tell you about each of these as far as i know.

Peradeniya Vs Kalaniya- you have got loads of subjects if you wanna do something out side languages in Pera. for example, suppose you did GRC, French and English for A/L, then you can even do subjects like, management, sociology etc with a language of ur choice. but the problem in pera is that it is not the place for those who like to have modern languages in their transription. We only have Greek, Latin, French, English, Sanskrit and pali. and the best part is French special degree is not available in pera. for more details check out the Faculty of Arts website.

kalaniya is hell in that aspect. if you choose to be in the faculty of humanities you are not allowed to do courses offerd by the faculty of Social Sciences. simply, if you want to do english or any other languages as a main subject, you cant do sociology, managment or any other social science.

speaking of the environment, it is perfect, you can have a look around the uni here but some of my friends say that Pera has nothing except the environs. well i don't agree with you all girls! Pera seems more fun than the kalaniya people who are still struggling with exams. kalaniya seems to have a long semester although the rule says that a semester is 6 months. we started the uni somewhere around august and by December we finish the end semesters. we feel that it is too quick and too much burden in studies. but in the point of view of Vidyalankara students, we are lucky cz we don't have to submit assignments just before the exams...well i would say this is just the beginning guys!

ragging is the next business which makes Pera soo different from Kalaniya. In Pera, there are alayas as well as bathalayas. Im a alaya so i don't know what happens inside the bathalaya group. how ever i know it is extremely difficult to bear the burden of being a bathalaya as a student who did the A/L in English medium. you wont understand half of the words they(bathalayas) use!! and well you will have no freedom if you choose to become a ragger. In pera choice is urs. when you enter into the faculty as a student for the first time, bathalays will come looking for you and if you like to be one of their kind, go with them. no worries, the choice is urs. people say many things about this alayas and bathalayas. but my ideas is both the groups miss a part of uni life..so if possible, try to be in both sides..well funny ha, if in kalani language it is being a "Ponnaya"

ragging in kalaniya may be bad, but they have loads of outdoor activities than in Pera. and the societies there are more active than the once at pera i suppose. anothe thing, AISEC is only avaialable in Kalaniya( well an organization i was dreaming to join)

sabaragamuwa is out of the way, you get ur degree not as BA but as Langs!! something unique, but the hard part is that you have to sacrifice the whole life to be in Sabaraganuwa. you know what now it has been months since sabaragamuwa started but im still could not contact even one of my fnds there cz they are not allowed to use mobile phones. it seems that their mobiles are in the custody of the "Seniors". that is all i can tell about sabaragamauwa cz all the comunication links to sabaragamuwa pple are cut. howevr, if you want to do another degree or diploma in the private sector while studing in a state University, sabaragamuwa is not the best place. let alone classes i heard they even dont have water during some pereoids

colombo is a time waste. but i think thier courses are well planned as the students say. however, still have no good idea as our batch is still in the transition period.

commets are welcome!


  1. This is interesting...!
    after all i never knew there r "alayas" in pera thanx to weird juicy horror stories told by my frnds who hav been there!!!
    This article inspired me to do a post for maths stream students as well.Shld wrk on it as soon as exams r finishd.
    As a member of AIESEC.. i tht of posting a link of its Sri Lankan Site http://www.aiesec.org.lk

  2. OMG, there are alayas in many faculties in Pera. Medical, Science, E-fac, Arts and even in the to be established Management.

    we are free and we can enjoy the life as you do in Mora. Seniors are helpful and no rag at all. Not even a simple rag as the one you guys get when entering to a Department at the beginning of the 2nd year.

    and thanks for the AISEC sri lanka site. My friends in kalaniya post photos to FB to make me jealous. and you know what, you did the same by sending me the link!!

  3. I think you should seriously reconsider the decision before doing humanities in country like Sri Lanka especially if you are not extremely talented in that field. It is doubtful whether a average can be successful by doing so. Why not try Physical Science or Commerce where you can get more opportunities in the market. In the good old days of the Englishmen doing something like this was fine definitely you be in the administrative service. In my view humanities are good for elites who are financially stable and have no worldly worries.

  4. @chamila--thanks for reminding me of the forgotten aspect.Yes, it is good for elites because learning is expensive. however, if you are successful, then you can earn a lot too.

    There are plenty of opportunities including the Civil Service.

    with respect to your comment on the people who do languages, i would like to mention that there are two types of people who choose to do it.

    One--the type of people you mention.they want just to complete the A/L and at the same time , they do not want to put much effort in doing it as they have the wealth to continue life.

    two--people who love the stream irrespective of the economic and social status.

    But whatever the type is,if you really love and have the talent, you have opportunities

  5. hey deeps jst nly gt a free tim2read ur blogs..im rly facinatd by ur writing n no wondr u won d award 4 d bst personal bloggr...its truly vry personal n u bein so honst abt urslf n d surronding...appreciate it aolt dr..dts tru urslf...

    by d wy im jst hvn sm contradictory points against u...u hv msundrstood sm stufs...im nt tryn 2praise my uni bt i mst sy dt ragin in pera s much mor severe dan dt f our uni..i read wt u wrot abt ragin n im rly glad im der in kelaniya.v ddnt evr meet such nasty brutal guys in wrds i may cl it..its damn disgustin dt dey do not respect a girl evn a bit.in real sense,i dnt tink dt its ragin...the wy v were bein ragd ws smtims realy k...nly vry few tims dey were litl nasty..in dt case pera's situation s intolerabl..i cnt imagine hw u ppl bear doz wrds..its nt ragin deeps...v cn put sm adjectiv in front n cl it brutal ragin..hv u evr heard wts d purpose f ragin frm a raggr? wt v hv hrd s dey wana keep sound contacts wit d freshrs n mak dem al a unite group...in dt case,s dz d wy ur uni ragrs r keepin cntcts ha?do u tink ny1 wil luk@dt persn again...nevr!! so im rly hapy bein @my uni n im luky..i lv pera cz f its natur and u knw dt vry wel..bt in dz point i dislik it..and ya v gt assignmnts n alwys dey r meant b anooyin na so no probs :) bt dey r well-organizzd n d systm s fine..so no worrris..

    i mst corect AISEC as AIESEC :) jst a remindr..:)n its nt nly availbl in kelaniya bt in japura colombo n moratuwa as wel..:)

    n ya v hd an extension f d sem cz f sm fights u knw ;) bt nw evry tin s k dz sem finisd witout prob...i vsh u wud b here wit me..:(

    keep goin deeps...gud luk its truly ur ideas,wrld n wy!!!

  6. "kalaniya is hell in that aspect. if you choose to be in the faculty of humanities you are not allowed to do courses offerd by the faculty of Social Sciences. simply, if you want to do english or any other languages as a main subject, you cant do sociology, managment or any other social science"

    deeps dz s so wron.u msundrstood it...dz s nt actualy tru...frm whom u gt2knw dz ha?

    i promis u il read al ur blogs jst aftr sundy,my exms fini by dn...wait for mor comnts k..;)

  7. n d rule s a semstr s nt 6 mnths bt 16 weeks o so i rly cnt remmbr d no bt it hs 2 b 16 o so..k...:)v fini dz sem witin less dan 6 mnths :P

  8. Hey !
    I found this post interesting and also very
    relevant to me.
    I just want to know whether u can give me some insight on this issue
    I did my a/l last year and i got selected to japura which i had put second preference my first preference was to colombo
    but unfortunately japura does not offer arts courses in english medium(Most students dont want to do in english thats why they dont offer) and also dont have a International Relations course which i was hoping to do
    i have applied for a transfer and waiting for a reply
    is it possible for me to get a transfer?