Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is not funny OpenOffice, you made me crazy.

This post is dedicated to my dear computer system, OpenOffice.Org writer and the Electricity Board of Sri Lanka.


After a long time ha?

You may wonder why I was not active during the last few days.

When I was typing hard to quench your thirst, the monitor went suddenly off. Power failure again. I have a UPS but it is not connected to the monitor.

So the monitor went off but the system was still running.

“ctrl+s”ed several times and pushed the power button. But the familiar beeps were not heard. Instead the red bulb in the casing was running as if it was normally working.

I was not very sure whether I saved my document. So I typed in “ftrrergihoo” and pressed enter but no reaction. (I really do not know what has happened at this time)

Time to experiment. Pressed all the funny looking keys on the keyboard. One key made the machine sleep and at once I thought it was shut down. But wait, I heard a noise which means that machine was just sleeping.

Pressed the re start button cz I know something was going wrong. The machine restarted and the monitor is still off. The UPS was hooting his mouth off and my brother was shouting his*** off.

The UPS gave a really fine hoot and went silent. hi there all the Electricity people, I love you more than my life! This is the second time (for today) you made me hear the lovely songs of the rocking UPS.

Everything silent, a moment gone and the UPS shows the Green light.

The machine boots again. No worries, no scan disks and all the play things. It just came into the welcome screen. On launching the Writer, there comes a message saying that I have to recover a document, in another words, my next blog post. While recovering, it says that my document is not saved and therefore is an error recovering the document. I was nuts. As you all know I pressed ctrl+s so many times right?(I love OpenOffice too) however, I was given the choice to save the recovered part of the document. I did save it and opened the document, what do you thinkI saw?

Another blank document!! ( you know how I love myself right?)

What to do. Back to experiments. First, opened a blank document and pressed ctrl+S and got to know how to save a document even if my monitor was off. Then tried pushing all the funky keys on the key board. One made it shut down.

Now I know, pressing that button makes it shut down. I was in a mood for experiments. Turned on the computer again to write about my experience to the fellow bloggers.

I mean to ask all of them to practice some blind computing as I did.

And guess what, I opened the blank document I had saved in the recovery process to type in the post and it was there!!Without missing a single letter(oh how I love open office!) OMG, at last, i have got everything back.

I think this had happened cz of one thing. Simply, I have set the auto recovery information to be saved after each one minute. Seems OpenOffice had done his job property even though I had not done it.

(in another words OpenOffice had saved a auto recovery details so that i could get my original document back even though i had not saved it manually. try it yourself and see.)I do not know if MS word offers such cool features as I have not being using word for a long time.

Whatever,East or West

OpenOffice is the best!


  1. Glad to know that you are using open office. This year it's one of my new year resolutions to stick to Open Office. Your blog post discourages me to do so. However I am also sticking to open office.

  2. GOSH, i have made a big mistake in the post remember i said "it was there without missing a single letter". i wanted to say that i did not loose anything that i typed. hey....do not worry, i have been using OpenOfice for a long time and i love it!!

    but remember to take a Word compatible version if you want to take print outs from outside.

    Once, one of those guys in a communication asked me whether i had viruses in my pen(seeing that i had many .ods files in it)