Monday, December 15, 2008

Facebook Security

couple of days ago i got this mail directly in my inbox and thought it is worthwhile to mention in the blog. and one word to the girls, Dont ever reply messages like this.

"dear ......... XXXXX
We have chosen you as a good model. if you will prove your self that you have a good figer you will win our great price. we sow your image on facebook but thats not enaugh. can you send us your cool images. we need to see your figer so send some images that show your figer its ok with bikini. we just want to see whether your figer is good or bad for our recommendation. your images will not are the only srilankan we chose.if you not sure about us send your images without your face.
please send some images of your figer whether you like it or not,becous you were chosen amang many girls.keep this all as a between you and me
main photographer
s.jhon andru"

this message reveals some interesting points.

one thing, this main photographer is looking for international models but he doesn't know his business as well as English.

he must be thinking that im living in the 14th century where photoshop cs was available so that nobody can add a human head to a donkey or even to a cockroach

whoever this is, the spammer uses many real facts to make sure that this is not spam..(well shame on him/her effort bears no fruit at all)

this is a good lesson for everybody, never accept anybody unknown to your friend list in the Face book and believe me, some applications are horrible too. some serve as surveys and some serve as,add only the ones you want and just ignore all the other requests from buddies. if possible go to privacy settings and make them strict as possible so that unknown people cannot creep into ur photos and personal info.

specially try to avoid the super wall and the wall as much as possible.they are breeding ground for worms. but the thing is im so addicted to the wall that when i see a friend who doesn't allow others to write on his/her wall i go nuts. anyway, hats off to them for helping to fight cyber terrorism

Facebook is thus a "funny virus". the meaning is simple it is fun and harmful. so beware girls and guys.

one reccomendation: if you love usefull social networking, try instead of LinkedIn is a proffesional networking site where you can connect with millions of people who network for meaningfull and productive purposes. it also has some applications, place to update your status and so many usefull devices. just check it out.


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