Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Till the mood gets fixed

hi folks, its been a long time since i wrote a post in English. there are many reasons behind it.

Reason number one is the launch of my sinhala blog and secondly, exams, thirdly and the most recent one is the restless of the vacation time. sometimes, i just wonder why peple think vacation is all about being free. no it is not, in my idea, vacation is the time to get busy with all the stuff that you couldn't do during the semester. i had many plans... reading, movies, going to the family doc to have a medical check up, visiting friends and do writing and writing and writing for the blog. but until now, none of the plans have made at least one step forward from being just a vacation dream. today, one of my big dream (visiting one of my bestest buddies in Kurunagala)was shattered just at the last moment due to a call from an uncle coming from no where. This is crazy, just crazy, why do I always have to sacrifice my dreams for the sake of others?

at the moment, i m status less and desperately waiting for a change.

there is no reason for this blog post other than asking all the friends to bear with me for the crazy things i do these days.i was planning to reply all the emails, do @replies for yesterdays cat war soldiers in the morning. BUT, my big plan for tomorrow was ruined and on friday, im busy the whole day because of the college day at TCL. Oh, what if i had the chance to get away from all these duties and responsibilities? or at least, what if the duties and responsibilities of mine were things that i love doing?

these are just questions with no answers.

going to watch a movie now..ah, speaking of movies, recently got a 250GB of films and TV series. but damn there is a prob with my new mother board's USB drivers. when i plug in any USB device except the MP3 player, the whole computer gets stuck..just imagining having a 250GB of lovely things in front of eyes and downloading movies with super speed SLT ADSL. These days may not be the best days of my life. But still got to pass time too.

until the mood gets fixed, see ya


  1. Hey sis, to fix your mood have a ginger nut! lol
    මූඩ් ෆික්ස් කරන්න මරු ඉඟුරු!

  2. hehe... i hope this lady's mode may get fixed soon :)
    Anyway, does your 'super' admin still disturb you from doing anything with the computer?