Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How can we eat ‘Parrippu’ and ‘Bath’ the whole day along?

'Amma', what sort of crap is this?? How can we eat ‘Parrippu’ and ‘Bath’ the whole day?

For mothers, this sort of conversation is a headache and for the children it is an expression of anger towards the parents. But what of the children who don't even have ‘Parippu’ and ‘Bath’?

It is their story which won the MOST POPULAR FILM award in the 56th International Berlin Mobile Film Competition on the theme FOOD TASTE AND HUNGER.

However, the” story” is not popular as the “film” was. The reason may lie in the fact that “they” do not grumble as we do. No grumble, no attention. Every body lives happily ever after.

And no body knows this happily ever after has its own secret legend. This is a tribute to them for their bravery and courage in being grumble-less and for all the others, an eye-opener.

Are you going to fight with 'Amma' again?


  1. OMG! Worth watching this one!!

    And the answer to your question is... No and I never did. But I often fight with Amma because I never take my meals at time. :P

  2. @shaakuthala
    mm seems you are a good son and lucky you sha's wife!!

    yh,,a lot..